About me

Ahmed Jahaf, 28 years old, Graphic designer, Media specialist, Political artist who inspired his artwork by the war and focused on Saudi-led coalition war on Yemen since 26 March 2015 until today, lives under bombardment & blockade in Sana’a the capital of Yemen

Because of the media blockade I became a reporter about the forgotten war on my country and I always report about the airstrikes and the war crimes using the social media like Twitter. We have all been living like this since 26 March 2015. It has been more than 4 years of forgotten war in Yemen. We are facing the world’s biggest food security crisis with more than 17 million starving civilians. We hear the sounds of jets flying, hitting, destroying, killing civilians and are also now dealing with a spiraling cholera crisis

This war took everything from ⁦Yemen, The situation in Sanaa is not good at all, many troubles here because of the war & the blockade. I can see the pain everywhere in Sanaa. buildings targeted, jets hovering everyday, and sometimes bombing. People are exhausted from the war and without salary & jobs. Many people they don’t have homes & they sleep in the streets.

I can’t describe how the war affected me, I used to think about my future but now I only worry about the future of my children, worry about their education, I don’t dream for their to be like the others children in this world that they have a place to play or perfect education, I only want a safe place, good food, normal education and good health.

In 26 March 2015, a coalition of countries led by Saudi Arabia is bombing & imposing a blockade on Yemen with US/UK & EU supports, so i decided not to be incompetent and to do any work to break the media siege on Yemen, leaving commercial designs such as logos and motion graphics and started to design what was happening around me and using my artistic talent to garner publicity for the ongoing situation.

I made images against the war because I wanted to show the world what’s happening in Yemen. I feel that pictures deliver the message to others faster, I designed more than 1500 arts & motion graphics since March until now. Art has become a talent for me because of the war, the fear, and the suffering. In my artworks there is only two words : “WAR & PEACE,” and I’m just trying to show the ugliness of war, this is what happens by war while the world is watching in silence. This is my way to to protest against the injustice of this forgotten war and for peace.”, Many people specially in the west likes to see arts better than normal pictures, I got huge moral support and encouragement from many activities from UK, Franch, Germany, Spain and US in the beginning and still until today.

My hope is peace and I wish they only leave us alone, stop the airstrikes and left the blockade, Do I have the right to live normally in peace? Do I deserve to live without fear? I dream to live, study, sleep in peace. I don’t want to hear the sound of Saudi-led coalition jets destroying my country Yemen.

People can do many things for us, they can ask their governments to stop the war and stop supporting Saudi-led coalition, please stand for Yemenis who simply dream of peace. What kind of future for their CHILDREN?