Buthaina’s uncle kidnaped her to Saudi Arabia

So who remembers Buthaina? The sole victim of a Saudi massacre that killed all her family members?!

Buthaina, one of the many children victims of the Saudi war, and for sure a lucky one because she succeeded in grabbing the world's attention.

Well, she is now in the Kingdom that killed her family, in the hands of the Saudi murderers.

She is now being taken advantage of in a nasty media game by the Saudi regime.

Keep in mind that her uncle is the one currently taking care of her, and that ex-president Saleh also took advantage of the famous girl by announcing that "he will take care of her for the rest of her life" *referring to her money necessities*

Her uncle surely is the one that sold her and her case for those that deprived her from a loving family…

By : Malak Ali

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