Swine flu symptoms H1N1

The swine flu symptoms usually develop within 1-3 days of becoming infected. Most people will feel better within a week. However, you may have a persistent cough and weakness for a further couple of weeks. These, too, are pretty much the same as seasonal flu.

Swine flu symptoms  include:

  • Chills
  • Fatigue & headache
  • Dry, chesty cough
  • sneezing & nasal secretions
  • difficulty sleeping
  • Some patients develop severe respiratory symptoms,
    • such as shortness of breath,
    • Patients can get pneumonia (bacterial secondary infection) if the viral infection persists
    • some can develop seizures

 Like the regular flu, swine flu can lead to more serious problems including pneumonia, a lung infection, and some other breathing problems. And it can make an illness like diabetes or asthma worse.

If you have symptoms like shortness of breath, severe vomiting, pain in your belly or sides, dizziness, or confusion, call your doctor right away.

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