#UN in #Yemen War

UN silence about war crimes against the Yemeni people in order to please the petrodollar countries is humiliating

When it comes to #Yemen, @UN itself deserves to be in list of shame keeping in mind what it has (mis)done last 6 years
Hey @UN , How many children must die in this war to scream loudly #Stop killing #YemenChildren
More than 2 years & half of UN condemned attacks on #Yemen. Yet no action by UN to hold Saudi accountable
STOP talking about HUMANITY when MONEY is your PRIORITY!
#Yemen is being killed & slaughtered under the protection of the @UN
Silence of @UN towards the Saudi War Crimes & siege on Yemeni People continues and multiplied the suffering.
#UN should take responsibility of human disaster in #Yemen
in #Yemen over 14 million people are food insecure due 2 @UN / #Saudi-imposed siege
How many report UN did until now!!? Nothing happen Saudi still bombing Yemen Kill our children. They don’t care

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