Yemen peace talks in #Stockholm

Stockholm peace talks are finally taking place today between all parties in Yemen and the United Nations.

I am somewhat optimistic this time about Stockholm peace talks and I hope that they will reach in the end a solution to end the war on Yemen and lift the land, sea and air blockade on Yemen, or even to reach a solution to alleviate the difficult humanitarian situation.

We are looking for peace but peace with respect between the countries, A peace that respects the sovereignty, freedom and independence of your country in the resolution.

We are already exhausted after nearly four years of Saudi-led coalition war and siege with US and UK support, Yemen is now suffering from famine and the worst humanitarian crisis ever in the world.

In Yemen, since March 26, 2015 until today (+1350 days) the Saudi-led coalition kills over 30 people EACH DAY with US, UK support. About 4 years days of war, blockade, pain, sorrow, horror, bloodshed, tears, darkness, sadness, fear of the unknown and fear for all Yemenis.

Death & destruction everywhere in Yemen. The war took everything from Yemen, The situation is not good at all, many troubles here because of the US-UK-Saudi-led coalition war & the blockade.

I can see the pain everywhere, buildings targeted, jets hovering and bombing everyday, People are exhausted from the war, we hear the sounds of jets flying, hitting, destroying, killing civilians. Yemen never destroyed as what Saudi-led coalition did with US and UK support, than no reason gave any nation the right to destroy my country Yemen whatever happened.

I saw the death many times in front of my eyes, not only in Sanaa but also in Hodeidah. I was survived the actual death when my friend’s neighborhood was targeted by Saudi-led airstrikes, I was about to be killed along with my friends. I forgot sleeping at night, I dont want to be killed by Saudi-led coalition jets while im sleeping with my family, Most the Yemenis do the same. I started losing my control because we are living all the day in stress, having no idea when all this thing will end and I already forget the reality that I’m leaving in 21 century, because the country has no basic needs. Most of the Yemenis are not able to get water, electrecity, gas, petrol, diesel and a lot of things.

When the military operations of the Saudi-led coalition began to break into the province of Hodeidah, citizens were forced to leave their homes and flee to nearby areas. I saw the IDPs living everywhere in my province, they fled their villiges, towns and cities. They’re just looking for safety. I met some of them who are in dire need, they can only offer their children one meal all the day. I met a family of 25 members living in one room and they have only one bed to lay on and some living in tents with NOTHING, leaving their own houses behind. I cant forget the pain in their faces all my life.

In the end, I hope in the Stockholm peace talks will reach a solution to end this ugly and forgotten war and lift the blockade. I still believing that tomorrow it will be better than today. And the war will reach to an end soon.

Ahmed Jahaf – Yemen


5 December 2018

2 thoughts on “Yemen peace talks in #Stockholm

  1. RAISING YOUR VOICE AND IMAGES. With hope for negotiations in Sweden. You are not alone the Spanish people with the Yemeni.
    Can I do something for you?

    1. Thank you so much Marisa, you can break the media blockade and tell people in your country about the forgotten war on Yemen

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