A Message to Michael Aron, the British ambassador to Yemen

Mr. Michael Aron @HMAMichaelAron, You already know that your weapons and warplanes sold to Saudi’s helped to create the worst humanitarian crisis in the world is in Yemen.

Your country is a partner in bombing and siege, logistical and military support to Saudi-led coalition and the silence on massacres against Yemen and Yemenis.

Why does UK like wars and warmongers?

Yemeni lives are priceless. You got blood on your hands.

– It’s the time to stop the war on Yemen and all the wars supported by Britain all over the world.

– it’s the time to stop the British arms deals, which kill hundreds of thousands of civilians around the world.

Almost 6 years of UN condemned attacks on Yemen. Yet no action by UN to hold -US-UK-Saudi-led coalition accountable

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