How a Yemeni designer have used the countries flags as a form of visual art

Flags have been used as art around the world for decades, but are rarely appreciated , or understood as such. Sometimes used for their bold and dramatic colours, or because they represent concepts such as history, religion, identity and politics , flags can often also be used to communicate our ties to nature as they react to wind and light, as with many modern installations.

What we maybe fail to remember is that wherever they are used or whatever the purpose someone has had to used their skills, their creativity and imagination to design them. So while not regarded as a work of art, in the broader sense, their design has required some artistic skills – so all flags are really “art”.

How was graphic art able to convey messages by adding or modifying the flags of countries .. These are some examples

Nuclear Weapon

USA and nuclear weapons
Russia and nuclear weapons
South Korea and the nuclear weapon
China and nuclear weapons


Yemen war in US flag

‎Last year 9 August 2018 a ⁦US ⁩bomb used by ⁦Saudi⁩-led coalition strike on school bus 52 killed including 40 ⁦ #YemenChildren ⁩

‎⁦ USA ⁩made MK82 that killed those innocent children
Stop Bombing Yemen (US+UK+EU)

Donald Trump “ No red line any more”

US with Saudi Arabia

US + Saudi
US + Saudi = Arms & Blood
US + Saudi = Arms & Blood


Saudi Arabia with US

US behind Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: In TRUMP we trust

The fall of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and blood

Saudi Arabia after killing the journalist Khashoggi with a chainsaw

Saudi Arabia with Israel

Saudi Arabia and Qatar

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