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I'm Ahmed Jahaf, 28 years old, graphic designer, artist who inspired his artwork by the war and lives under bombardment & blockade in Sana'a the capital of Yemen


اهدي لكم هذه الاعمال الفنية التي نفذتها خلال فترة العدوان السعودي على اليمن ، فن من الحرب يختصر لكم ما يحدث في اليمن من عدوان وحصار وتدمير لكل ما هو جميل من تحالف عدواني عالمي ، فن من الحرب رسالة الى العالم الصامت المتفرج والمشارك في هذا العدوان بصمته، فن من الحرب بدات منذ اليوم الاول من الحرب على اليمن من تحت القصف والحصار والمعناة حتى طباعة هذا الكتاب ومازالت الاعمال واللوحات مستمرة، كما
أهدي اعمالي الفنية في هذا الكتاب الى من يدافعون عن ارض وسيادة هذا الوطن في ميادين القتال والشرف والعزة، الى الجنود واللجان الشعبية وما هى الا شيء قليل مقابل تضحياتهم الجباره، والى كل من يرفض هذا العدوان الغاشم البربري ويدافع عن ارض واستقلال الوطن ويقاوم بالكلمة والصوت والقصيدة والريشه والفن وغيرها من الطرق.

I dedicate to you these artistical works that I designed during the saudi aggression towards yemen, an art of war that abbreviate to you what happens in yemen from aggression, siege and destruction to everything beautiful in yemen due to the Aggressive global alliance , a massage to the world who watchs and participates with silence about this aggression, i started doing an art from the very first day of war towards yemen under the bombing, siege and suffering until printing or (pubilshing) this book, the work and paintings r still on going. also I dedicate my artistical work in this book to those who are defending their homeland in battle fields with pride and honor, to the soldiers and public Committees , its something simple of what a tremendous sacrifice they did, and to all who refused This brutal barbaric aggression who defends the independence of their homeland, and resists with their voices, writings, poems, and arts and many other ways.

2 thoughts on “Welcome: Art is resistance

  1. You lost me, friend. Get real, I imagine I get what youre saying. I am aware what you’re saying, nevertheless, you just appear to have forgotten that might be other sorts of folks from the world who view this challenge for which it happens to be and might perhaps not go along with you. You might be turning away much individuals who had been lovers of this website.

  2. Thank you for your artwork – I’m thankful to see a vision of resistance chanelled into these symbolic visual crafts that seem these days the only way through the blitzkreig of media tides gushing through the frazzled attention spans of westerners – especially here in the United States. I’m so sorry for the freakish violent fettish of American exceptionalism and colonial imeudence that has strangled the so called gouverning apparatus – the Washington think ‘TANK’ seems appropriate for both the lobby’s of doom and gloom that spread corporate tenticals across your lands and the allegedly ‘ellect’ that cow the this bovine citizenry in blathering he’d like praise for our sewing of democracy with land mine seeds. Thank you for singing in colors our hearts might hear and painting the sounds that our deeper selves can hear and help to clear the fog and blanketing silence of the crumby delinquent journalism and media coverage splashed around this land. You’re art is exactly the song exactly the dance to bring inspiration to a gasping anti war movement in the West ! Please make more – we need you. Long live the people of Yemen – I wish for you the blessings of the cosmos and a spirit of love in prosperity and flourishing joy.

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